A bitsy about receiving the worst news possible, and doing the dishes.

This is  my first game. It's also my first project involving anything related to coding, programming or game-making, so if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it.

CW: suicide, grief, smoking, chores


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instructions unclear, dropped the lighter and summoned the B O N E  G O D


This was amazing! It was very powerful, when I saw this game I was hesitating because I suffer with depression, but it turned out great!!! Please make more you will do amazing! You have my word -TheGayBehindTheSlaughter (Athena) 


Awesome work! Really love the execution. Is there any way I can reach out to you, like Twitter or Discord? Thanks for making this one :)

hi! thank you for playing! i'm on twitter @Rosekiid


This is deep, dang


this is very powerful

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thank you so much!!


wow, this was REALLY good. really enjoyed it :-)



That was down-right comical.
Spooky skull sprite needs work, 4/10 apply yourself and study some more fundamentals. 


damn, that hit me real hard. well done

thank you!


loved this so much! I really liked the patterns that showed up in the background as you moved through the hallway. I also really loved the overall aesthetic. really enjoyed playing! keep up the amazing work! :)

thank you for playing! :)

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Excellent! And very daring design-wise given it's your first game, and it pays off emotionally. This is typically why I like smaller games like yours. Experiences. Keep up the good work!

(I noticed one text error though: when you look at the plants in the room with the fireplace, the character says 'pants')


aha just goes to show there's always something left to fix. thanks for catching that! should be fixed now! 

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Love how you expressed the idea of feeling confused by manipulating the level design and background. Very clever :). Keep it up !


I actually totally agree




thank you so much ah!!!

Also one question, what engine did you use to make this?


I made this in a tool called Bitsy! You can actually find it on itch:



Thank you!


This is so cute. I can't believe this is your first game, too. It's really well done. Thank you for making this!


thank you for playing it!


Man, this is really neat. Love the artari-esque art style. And the section after the phone call is fantantastic!!

thank you for playing!


this is a really neat concept, its really well done especially for your first game :)

thank you so much!


hey! this is a very cool concept, as im making my own grief related game right now im glad i found this. i do get stuck after the phone call because i cant find the lighter anywhere! is that intentional?


thank you so much for playing! 

the lighter is on your desk in your bedroom! it is admittedly very small and easy to miss. 

if you don't mind me asking, what part are you getting stuck at? like immediately after the phone call or later? 

oh wow ok i was stuck because i couldn't find the lighter after the phone call LOL. i'd suggest making the items you can pick up a little more obvious (different colour, animations maybe) but honestly it just might be that i wasn't paying attention. i'd be happy to share more feedback if you want to hear it but i think the game works as is. it's good, i love the blacking out/existential crisis post-phone call, very visually striking.